Parking Sensors

We can supply a full range of front and rear parking assistance products to make your vehicle easier to manoeuvre. Parking sensors for the front and rear, with side and corner sensors available for larger vehicles. Semi flush or the OE flush mounted, with a left and right colour side display mounted to the headlining or dashboard or just a simple buzzer that beeps the closer you get to an object.

We can even colour code the sensors to match the existing paint work or a supply them as a simple matt black - all options are available for a professional installation.

Parking camera technology has never been better, we can now offer many vehicle specific cameras that replace and fit neatly into brake lights, number plate lamps or even motorised rear badges. They can all be complemented with vehicle specific input modules to a factory fitted monitor or aftermarket monitors suited to your vehicle giving the image on the vehicles built in screen.

Front and rear cameras are now available with multi position lenses that allow views of up to 186 degrees.

For larger vehicles and HGVs we can now install London approved multi camera systems for side and front images, as well as reversing, with more complex systems that can give a 360 degree image of the vehicle eliminating any blind spot!

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