Teleco X2

Teleco X2

The design and production of this antenna stems from the experience and great success achieved in recent years with the TELEPLUS antenna.

Great care has been given to increasing the gain curve resulting in an even higher sensitivity to weak signals. The introduction of the POLARITY ORIENTATION MECHANISM also allows you to get the best reception of all TV signals (digital and analogue) that are transmitted with both HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL polarity. (With the advent of digital transmission, signals with VERTICAL polarity are enhanced in certain countries such as Italy and Britain). A low noise amplifier is included that has a variable gain that operates at both 12 and 230 Volts.

Zamak mechanism for HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL polarity adjustment from inside the vehicle

Wedge shaped spacer Wedge shaped spacer for perfect adaptation to any roof shape

Simple, safeSimple, safemast locksystem

Teleco Teleplus X2/39U Antenna Complete - 39cm Mast
Teleco Teleplus X2 Replacement Mast