Labcraft Nebula

Labcraft Nebula


  • Choice of lighting levels up to 2560 lumens; over 750 lux @ 1 metre
  • Integrated switch option
  • Waterproof to IP66
  • Robust construction with unique impact deflection design

Long life, high intensity Cree LEDs

The Nebula incorporates the Orizon LED strip light, which uses the latest in LED technology, offering optimum performance and extended life. The properties of these LEDs give greater luminosity, allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain the low power draw. The unit is available with 12, 24,48 and 96LED strips, offering a choice of light output and lengths to suit every application and every budget.

Tough aluminium housing

Set in a low profile, tough aluminium housing, the Nebula is quick and easy to install, making it suitable for both new vehicle specifications and retrofitting into existing vehicles.

Integrated switch option

The Nebula can be switched remotely or is available with an integrated on/off rocker switch which fits neatly into the end cap.

Waterproof to IP66

The PCB driver, components and LEDs are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion, which protects against moisture ingress.


Technical Data



ECE R10 approval certificate E11 10R-047639


Labcraft Nebula Light S15CW250
Labcraft Nebula Light S15CW250/2
Labcraft Nebula Light S15CW500
Labcraft Nebula Light S15CW500/2