SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter or Moped Kit

SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter or Moped Kit

Motorcycle and scooter theft has reached exceedingly high numbers. In some parts of the country it is a major cause for concern for Police Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies. Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are stolen for varying reasons; for joy riding, for their parts, for antisocial behaviour and to be used to commit further serious crime. A large proportion of stolen motorcycles and scooters are taken from the street whilst left unattended by their owners. Often relied upon by the owner as a convenient and quick means of transportation but seen by the criminals as a quick and easy steal.

Many motorbikes, moped and scooters often have very little or no further security or marking than that provided by the manufacturer. As cost is a major factor, security is often a second thought. By marking the bike, owners can significantly reduce the chances of theft. Forensic security marking provides a first layer of defence to deter the theft of the bike and assists in the identification and recovery should the unfortunate event occur and it is actually stolen.

By marking your bike with SelectaDNA - a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots, you are adding a simple method of identification that discourages the criminals and dramatically reduces the chance of theft.

Product Information

Marks 1 bike with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove.

Register your motorbike,scooter or moped on our Police and Insurance approved Secure Asset Register so that if the worst happens and your bike is stolen, Police from around the world can reunite you with it quickly and easily.

Each of our SelectaDNA kits come with a membership card which allows you to ensure that your unique ID kit number is always to hand.

The SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter or Moped Kit includes:

  • 1 x membership card
  • 1 x 8ml bottle of unique SelectaDNA (with microdots)
  • 1 x blue stick applicator
  • 2x laminated rectangular warning labels
  • 5 x unique TESA labels
  • 1 x UV keyring light
  • 1 x SelectaDNA instruction leaflet (QC320)
  • Lifetime registration on the Secure Asset Register

The SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter or Moped Kit also now includes a Selectamark Etching Kit to mark the body of the bike. This includes:

  • 6 x unique ID stencils
  • 1 x 1.5ml clear UV marking compound
  • 2 x blue stick applicator
  • 1 x SelectaMARK application procedure (QC010)

Application Instructions

Step 1 - Shake bottle of SelectaDNA for 15 seconds before use
Step 2 - Ensure area is clean and mark locations such as under the seat, fuel tank and the engine in crevices
Step 3 - Use the separate SelectaMARK Stencil Kit and apply the covert etching(using the SelectaMARK application procedure (QC010))
Step 4 - Apply SelectaDNA warning labels and the TESA security labels to the bike
Step 5 - Register your kit online at

NB: Please ensure that you follow the full instructions included in the SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter or Moped Kit. The instructions outlined are a guide to help you identify suitable locations to mark your bike. Different locations may marked depending on the type of bike you have as not all types share the same external panels and parts.

Watch our video on how to mark a motorbike,scooter or moped with SelectaDNA and prevent it from theft.

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