SelectaDNA Golf Kit

SelectaDNA Golf Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit designed to mark and protect golf clubs and other associated equipment from theft.

Criminals know that DNA is the police's most powerful weapon in convicting criminals. Therefore the DNA fear-factor is highly understood and acts as a huge deterrent. Criminals view items marked with SelectaDNA as too high risk and are further put off from stealing them as they have little or no resale value. Using SelectaDNA to mark your property is the ultimate theft and burglary deterrent.

The kit marks approximately 50 items and should be applied to joins, grooves and crevices, such as the point where the handle meets the shaft of the golf club, or in the recess at the back of the club head.

Each of our SelectaDNA kits come with a membership card which allows you to ensure that your unique ID kit number is always to hand.

The SelectaDNA Golf Kit includes:

  • 1 x membership card
  • 1 x 8ml bottle of unique SelectaDNA (with microdots)
  • 1 x blue stick applicator
  • 50 x tamper-resistant warning labels2 x vehicle window stickers
  • 1 x UV keyring light
  • 1 x luggage tag
  • 1 x instruction leaflet
  • Lifetime Registration on theSecure Asset Register

Application Instructions

Step 1 - Mark your golf equipment with SelectaDNA
Step 2 - Attach warning labels to all marked items
Step 3 - Display window stickers in your vehicle windows
Step 4 - Register your kit online at

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