3 Sqm False Floor Kit

3 Sqm False Floor Kit

3x Sheets of 12mm Wisa Deck Non-Slip Flooring.

Please Note:- Sheet Size is 810x1220mm for Shipping & Ease of Installation.

To enable you to make your own false floor for our underfloor drawer range, we created the following kit to include:

  • 3 sheets of 12mm Brown Wisa Deck Non Slip Floor @ 810x1220mm each sheet - enough to cover 3m²
  • 2off 1200mm 25mm x 25mm Aluminium Board Finishing Trim
  • 1off 1700mm x 38.1mm x 38.1mm Aluminium Support Angle
  • 20off 8x3/4 Countersunk Self Tapping Screws
  • 1 tube of Brown Silicone Sealer
  • 1off Bi-Metal Fine Cut Bayonet Jigsaw Blade
  • 1off 3.2mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit

3m² will be enough for the following Vans:

  • Berlingo M
  • Doblo Standard
  • Connect L1
  • Partner Standard
  • Kangoo Standard
  • Caddy L1
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