Isuzu D-Max Lower Grille Mounting Kit

Isuzu D-Max Lower Grille Mounting Kit

If looking for a discreet yet powerful auxiliary high beam driving light install for your D-Max, then look no further than a pair of ST4 Evolution, or Triple-R 750 high-performance spotlights from Lazer Lamps. The lights are secured to the vehicles bumper beam bar, behind the lower grille, providing for a fully road legal installation that will leave you finding excuses to go out at night!

Optimised for the ST4 Evolution, or range of Triple-R 750 high performance spotlights, the lights mount in pairs directly on the bumper beam bar, for an installation that gets noticed when you need it most – at night. Vehicle wiring kits are also available allowing for connecting your lights either direct to your standard high beams, and/or operated via a separate switch on your dashboard.

The ST4 Evolution option delivers good distance illumination (1 lux at 393m) but with an all-round spread of light that ensures excellent visibility both left/right and up/down. In this respect, the ST4 is particularly well suited for customers driving in rural or off-road locations. By contrast the Triple-R 750 (available in Standard or Elite grade) delivers a spot beam with 1 lux reaching 607m or 675m depending the lamp version selected. Both options are fully ECE approved for on-road use.

With no compromises in component parts or production techniques, as with all Lazer products, we have taken every step to maximise lighting performance, and build quality, to ensure your lighting installation remains in excellent condition for years to come.



Triple-R 750
ST4 Evolution
E-Mark Ref  27.5  7.5
Voltage Range  9-32V  9-32V
LED Life  50,000 hours  50,000 hours 
Optical Efficiency  92%  92%
Weight  0.7 kg  0.6 kg
Total Luminous Flux  4100 Lm  4136 Lm
Number of High Output LEDs  4  4
Power Consumption  45 Watts  47 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V)  3.1 Amps  3.3 Amps
High Beam ECE R112 ECE R112
0.25 lx Line 865 metres 555 metres
0.5 lx Line 612 metres 393 metres 
1 lx Line 432 metres 278 metres 
3 lx Line 250 metres 160 metres 
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