ArmaPlate Spare-Safe

Not always recognised as downtime, but when a vehicle suffers a puncture, it can cost you time and money while the vehicle is immobile, but when your driver finds that the spare wheel is missing, the downtime becomes much more apparent and the costs to your business escalates dramatically!

A replacement spare-wheel and tyre typically costs £200, but the 'real' cost can be measured when you witness how long it takes to recover the vehicle from the roadside and try to reassign the work that the driver was due to complete. Of course, spare-safe can't prevent you from having punctures, but it can make sure that when it happens, your spare wheel is readily available for a quick change-over, causing minimum disruption to your business and virtually no inconvenience to your customers.

Police Authorities all over the country are warning of increased theft-attacks on spare wheels and what takes just seconds to steal, can take you hours or even days to replace, putting your planned business activities at risk. With spare-safe installed, the thief has no way of removing the spare wheel without the key. Benefiting from ArmaPlate's vast experience in the security market, the system has been proven to be incredibly robust and reliable. Spare-safe is manufactured to our ArmaPlate's usual high standards using only the best materials available.