Witness Camera

We can supply and fit single or dual lens witness camera's that are from stock or if you need a more in depth system we can help you to build your own DVR package consisting of driver, side, and rear cameras connected to a Digital Video Recorder.

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Suitable for any vehicle, the Silver 100 and Silver 150 single lens witness cameras are discreetly installed on the windscreen just behind the rear view mirror and will record the driver's view of the road ahead. The main benefit of purchasing a digital dash camera is that you gain reassurance in the unfortunate case of an accident that you will be able to provide undisputed evience that the accident was not your fault.

Wih increasing numbeers of 'Crash for Cash' scams resulting in higher insurance premiums, the evidence provided from one of our drivers recorder cameras can help speed up investigations and stop fraudulent insurance claims. Why not speak with your insurance company to see if they can offer you a discount for having a Novus camera instailled in your vehicle?

A dual lens camera has all the benefits of our single lens camera and more! Our dual lens cameras are designed to record both the road ahead as well as the driver or passenger of the vehicle. The is an ideal optionfor transport managers who wish to observe their drivers behavior as well as private hire and taxi firms who wish to keep an eye on their passengers while protecting themselves from fraudulent insurance claims at the same time.

The 149 degree viewing angle on the internal lens makes it ideal for taxis and private hire vehicles as it comes with an infrared module to assist with night-time vision.