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To all our valued customers past, present and future, we would like to make you aware that Van System are taking all possible precautions to prioritise the safety of all of our customers, employees, partners and visitors, whilst running the business as usual with the highest level of customer service. On top of our daily cleaning procedures, we are carrying out additional hours on enhanced sanitising and hygiene measures to our stores, workshop and offices, with our staff adhering to stringent hand washing, minimal physical contact and safe working distances where possible as per the set government guidelines. We sincerely wish you all a safe and healthy outcome and that impact to customers, their families and their businesses is to the very minimum.   


Welcome to Van System

The team at Van System do not believe in just selling you a 'make do' product. From the very beginning we are on hand to help plan and advise on what is the best solution for your requirements. Using a computer aided design system we are able to strategically match the space you have available to suitable storage modules ensuring your storage solution is tailor-made to your exact requirements.

Save Time & Money!

Plus our fantastic Van System Aluminum Storage System has loads of advantages over other systems not least being the obvious saving in weight over steel systems by being some 50% lighter! This can lead to significant savings in fuel costs by reducing overall payload weight which is especially noticeable with smaller vans and estate cars but also in larger vans can take advantage of having much more storage for much less weight.

According to research being organised with a Van Storage Solution helps prevent duplicated stock plus on average an incredible one hour per day of lost time can be saved just by having your tools and equipment organised and safely stored ensuring you can find what you need when you need it. Try working out what that would equal annually based on your hourly rate!


We have now have a webshop online to help you make your purchases easier.  Please visit our Products section to view categories.

Van Storage Systems
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