Save Time & Money

"Cluttered... Disorganised... Dangerous"

This is how most tradesman and service engineers describe the backs of their vans.

Having expensive tools, equipment, spares and materials just lying loose in the back of a van is not only dangerous and untidy but in real terms costs money, serious money!

According to our research having Van System storage modules installed can save, on average one hour per day of lost time because having your tools and equipment organised and safely stored means you can find what you need when you need it. Van System storage modules & plastic bin racks also means no more duplicated stock.

It's a fact that not only can Van System storage solutions pay for itself within months through increased productivity and less wasted and lost stock, but it is also the safest way of protecting yourself and your vehicle. The residual value of your vehicle is also enhanced because with Van System modules and linings fitted there is no risk of damage to the interior of your van.



Another successful installation by

Van System!