ArmaPlate GuardianArmaPlate Sentinel

Whether a fleet-operator or an owner-driver, this is the product for you if you carry valuable cargo or if you cannot afford to have your vehicle off the road for a single day!

The Sentinel effectively provides a barrier of 3 layers of steel to protect the lock mechanism from attack. The system works by completely encasing the lock-barrel and surrounding areas and is bolted securely to the door. There are no moving parts and no keys to be lost or broken, security is 24/7 and requires no activation by the driver.

The system has proved to be an extremely effective deterrent and has been used by many blue-chip companies and organisations including divisions of the Metropolitan Police.

In the event that a van has already suffered a theft-attack, the Sentinel can be used as an effective and permanent repair, in addition to preventing further theft-attacks.

ArmaPlate Sentinal Security SystemMade from high-grade stainless-steel which will never rust and spoil the appearance of your vehicles, the Sentinel is the perfect choice for the discerning fleet manager.

This is a FIT & FORGET device and, as mentioned above this system requires absolutely no input from the driver - there are no extra keys to manage, no buttons to remember to press, no supplementary security that has to be fitted each time when the vehicle is left. This really is as simple as it gets but can defeat even the most determined thieves.

Simple and effective

Thief Attack!Thieves very often attack van lock mechanisms by simply piercing the door skin with nothing more than a small screwdriver! It literally takes seconds to break into even modern vans. Sure, modern vehicles will generally have imobilisers and other security to prevent vehicle take-away but these security measures do not necessarily protect your valuable cargo, be that tools, equipment or even worse, freight.

ArmaPlate Sentinel protects the vulnerable areas surrounding the locks with a stainless-steel exterior plate which is bolted through the steel door skin and then through an even larger steel backing plate making what was previously a vulnerable area around the door locking mechanism completely impervious to routine attack.